Just general, non-specified stuff.
  1. Inspired to add some more detail.
  2. Head of Metal Gear Rex
  3. Another shot of the heliport.
  4. Model and skin for a door.
  5. Blank version of the door.
  6. WIP dock.
  7. WIP Ocelot boss room.
  8. WIP Communication Towers
  9. WIP Interior Communication Tower
  10. WIP Canyon
  11. WIP Tank Hanger
  12. WIP Heliport
  13. Another angle of the dock.
  14. Dock area. Displacements on the roof still aren't done
  15. First in-game test with 'very' quick lighting
  16. Shadow Moses surveillance camera (taken apart) 
Low poly model to be used in Source. (110 polys)
  17. Surveillance camera (together)
  18. Screenshot in hammer. No lighting, entities, final textures, displacements or optimization yet.
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