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  2. Forum Infractions - Updated 2/17/2009

    Irritating Post - 1 point
    User made a post that is, in general, irritating. This may include horrible grammar, excessive misspellings, excessive use of emoticons, failure to use [shot] tags, multiple consecutive posts, signatures which are obtrusive on posts, etc.

    Winging It - 1 point
    User obviously don't know what they're talking about, while attempting to sound like they were an expert. Applied if the user is proven wrong with enough evidence and does not own up to their mistake.

    Shitposting - 1 point
    The user's post was a horribly failed attempt to be funny. Examples include gay jokes, overused "your mom/spouse/girlfriend" one-liners, or anything that absolutely kills the atmosphere of a discussion (if you said it at a party, it would be followed with an awkward silence).

    eRage - 1 point
    User's post came off as unnecessarily angry or upset.

    Backseat Moderation - 1 point
    User attempted to assert authority they don't have, instead of reporting the problem to a real moderator.

    Unconstructive Post - 2 points
    User's post has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand, is a sharp change in topic to something that was not the original topic, or is absolutely pointless.

    Retard Retort - 2 points
    User lashed out needlessly at criticism they asked for.

    Trolling - 2 points
    User's post has been made to elicit negative responses from other members, and/or start needless drama.

    Hook, Line, and Sinker - 2 points
    User responded to flamebait after it has been marked as such.

    Flame - 2 points
    User's post was a direct insult to another member.

    Multiple Accounts - 3 points
    User was found with a duplicate account.

    Inappropriate Content - 3 points
    User's post contains content that is pornographic, hateful, overly gross, etc. in nature.

    Insubordination - 3 points
    User went against orders given directly by site staff.

    Piracy Discussion - 5 points
    User attempted to promote piracy or solicit product/activation keys or full game downloads from members.

    Piracy - Instant Permaban
    User posted a link to pirated software or piracy tools, such as key generators, demo-to-full version patches, activation hacks, product keys, etc.

    Solicitation - Instant Permaban
    A new user attempted to advertise services/products for free or for money without first becoming a known quantity in the community.


    After 10 infraction points or 10 warnings (whatever comes first) are accumulated, the user will be put into a special Detention group so staff can discuss with the user why they are temp-banned, what they plan to do correct themselves when they get out, etc. for about two weeks; less if the user is willing to comply, more if the user is unresponsive or insubordinate. Users accumulating 5 more points or 10 more warnings after the first detainment will be permanently banned.

    Also note that staff can come up with custom infractions or warnings to suit special situations not covered here that need discipline. Additionally, if a user's behavior is deemed bad enough amongst the staff, the staff reserves the right to bypass set disciplinary systems and ban a user, temporarily or permanently, without notice.
    "Halo 1 didn't have proper mustache code and that's why the new mustache seems overpowered."
    -ejburke, Nov. 2011
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  3. Acceptable Use Policy - Updated 2/3/2010

    OUR MISSION's mission is to provide a home to video game modders, developers, artists, and enthusiasts. We want to host discussion about various games and their engines, content for said games/engines, written tutorials to aid with learning about games/engines members are interested in, and above all, provide QUALITY in all aforementioned facets.


    The Community Forums (hereafter referred to as "the board") is an American fan owned and operated messageboard system created primarily for discussing the modding of games and game engines, such as the Halo series, the Source Engine, Crysis, and UT3, among others.

    By participating on the board, you agree that you are capable of typing in English legibly, able to use proper English grammar, and able to discuss topics at hand with some show of intelligence, and you understand that posts that do not follow these guidelines, and/or the Acceptable Use Policy (shown in the forum announcements after registering), may be deleted without notice, resulting in punitive action including, but not limited to simple warnings, limits on ability to use the board, and bans, temporary or permanent. Users whose primary languages aren't English have leeway with this rule, granted that they can type legibly in their own language with proper grammar so that it can easily be translated to English via an online translator.

    By registering an account on the board, you realize that this account is your responsibility, and as such, represents yourself. Do not give friends, parents, siblings, etc access to your account; one person per account and one account per person. Anything posted by your account will assume to have been posted by you, and treated as such. If your account is hijacked and subsequently banned for posts/actions made by it, there are no appeals. Please practice proper account security by regularly changing your password, and DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYBODY FOR ANY REASON. MODACITY STAFF WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD FOR ANY REASON EVER.

    The board is essentially a dictatorship; your ability to post on or otherwise use the board is a privilege, not a right, and this privilege can be taken away from you for any given reason. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, contact another moderator or administrator regarding the issue. If other admins or moderators feel that the action was just, adjust your actions accordingly to avoid being punished.

    The board is against software piracy and cheating in online play, LIVE or otherwise; members posting cracked/pirated software, or programs/plugins/applications/modifications made with the sole purpose of cheating or altering gameplay in favor of a single person or group of people will be swiftly penalized.

    All messages express the views of the author, and neither the staff of the board, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

    • Proofread your post! This is not a high-speed instant messaging session with your buddies; this is a forum! Take your time. Process your thoughts before you hit the post button.
    • Ensure your post is typed in legible English; avoid l33t5p33k, and excessive internet shorthand, acronyms, and emotes. We are not demanding perfect spelling and grammar, but at the very least, proper use of punctuation, line breaks, etc.
    • DO NOT POST YOUR WHOLE TOPIC IN ALL CAPS! However, you can highlight a few sentences and/or words throughout your post with capitals to emphasize. Typing a whole post in caps signifies yelling, and is extremely annoying.
    • Do not post if you wish to abuse large text or annoying colors.
    • Do not post if you do not know for sure what you're talking about. You know what they say about the blind leading the blind.
    • If you are posting a question, use the search function to see if the question has been asked and answered before. Use the advanced options to narrow down searches to specific forums or forum groups, or users.
    • Always use the Preview button, located next to the Submit button, before posting, so you can see what your post looks like before you post. Use it to make sure links and images work.
    • No posting of objectionable content. Staff will remove content they consider inappropriate as they see fit. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Pornography of any kind
      • Gross/shock images (i.e. goatse/tubgirl)
      • Gore
      • Racism/Hate
    • If a staff member locks your topic, do not reopen it.
    • Please refrain from flooding the board with useless threads or existing topics with useless posts.
    • Avoid excessive shitposting; the act of attempting to be witty with poorly-executed jokes or stupid one-liner "burns". Examples include "your mom" jokes, "that's what she said", gay jokes, and so on.
    • Try to avoid putting more than two QUOTE or CODE tags within each other.
    • Do not post to tell someone that they are breaking a rule. If you feel that someone is breaking a rule, or is about to get banned for being a moron, simply hit the report post button and move on. Moderators are notified of reported posts and will take a look at the topic and do what they feel is appropriate. We have plenty of global moderators, so we don't need any backseat moderators. Furthermore, if you have a conflict or an issue with a member of the staff, private message an administrator. Handling issues in an open forum will only get you in hot water.
    • Don't waltz into a thread and abruptly change the topic, unless it clearly has something to do with the original topic. Topics that go on for a while tend to deviate slowly from the original topic, and that's okay.
    • Do not double-post. If you forgot to say something in your last post, there is an edit button you may press to go back and make any changes. If your double-post was a result of lag, i.e. same message posted twice, hit the edit button to delete your duplicated message. If you need to quote multiple people and respond to them, use the multiquote feature by hitting the quotation marks button in the posts you are responding to, then hit "Post Reply."
    • Do not register to advertise. We hate spambots. So unless you want to get banned instantly, stow the ads until you become a known quantity in the community.
    • Bumping old threads is allowed, BUT, when bumping an old topic, please be sure that your post is a valid question, comment, or valuable contribution to the topic.
    • Give other users a degree of respect, even if it seems they do not deserve it. If a user is truly being a problem, PM a staff member to see if the issue can be resolved. Do not troll or flamebait users, and do not respond to flamebait.
    • In the same vein, if someone seems to be "disconnected" from a certain reality, do not be a complete dick when correcting them or stating the facts. We do feel that sometimes, people need to wake up and smell the coffee, but bashing them in the process or being excessively harsh isn't needed.
    • Avoid dragging on drama needlessly by not parroting other users (bandwagoning) or further trolling users who are acting in an undesirable manner.
    • If you feel that someone has done or said something incredibly dumb, or made an ass out of themselves, please do not reply to them directly in the thread they posted in. Instead, send them negative reputation with the most suitable comment, or simply ignore the post and move on.
    • If you have a running problem with another user, or harbor a grudge against someone, consider adding that user to your Ignore List, located in your User Control Panel.

    Keep in mind that there are professional artists, modelers, writers, animators, etc in this community who have taken college courses and have degrees in varied areas. When posting your work for critique, please specify if you are looking for professional advice to make it as perfect as it can get, or if you just want a basic rundown to improve your work.
    • When asking for professional critique, you are opening yourself up to comments that you may find mean or rough. Feel free to inquire further or challenge the critic if they're too vague or you disagree, but do not retaliate to these comments (i.e: "fuck off, it took me X days to make this what do you know"), as this is normal in the professional world, and retaliating in such a way makes you look incompetent.
    • If asking for basic advice, make sure to specify what the final role of the work will be. Is it an artistic piece? Will it be going into a game?
    If you do not specify what kind of advice you'd like, it will be considered by default that you are looking for a professional review.


    The reputation system is supposed to be a basic rundown of what the members of the board think of another member. If you are going with the flow of things, contributing, being funny, etc, then you will recieve positive reputation ratings from other members. However, go against the grain and annoy other members, and you will receive negative ratings. How active you are on the board also affects how quickly your reputation changes; do a lot of good in a short time, and chances are your rep will increase, and same for the inverse. Do not make public any reputation comments you receive, unless they contain over-the-edge content, such as death threats, racism, etc, in which you should ask an admin to look into it. Administrators have access to logs of all reputation given and received.

    Due to a recent trend, please refrain from embedding flash files, youtube/google videos, or large images in your reputation comments.


    This forum allows the embedding of Shockwave Flash (SWF) into posts. Please follow these guidelines before submitting a post with a Flash video embedded into it.
    • No more than five embedded media tags should exist in a post. This includes YouTube tags.
    • If the flash is over 100kb, make sure it includes a preloader and a start button.
    • If the flash has sound in it, please ensure it has a means to start and stop the sound upon any user's will.
    • Keep your embedded flash under 640px by 480px.
    If you are unable to follow these guidelines, please link to the media rather than embedding it.


    Users are permitted ONE account on the forum, which is to be used by the registrant ONLY. Subsequent alternate, or "alt", accounts will be immediately banned on detection and the primary account will receive an infraction. Users who attempt to circumvent a banning, temporary or permanent, with an alternative account will result in both accounts being permanently banned, as well as the IP address being blacklisted.

    A user who requests his or her account to be deleted or banned by a staff member will have their account permanently banned, no questions asked. Subsequent accounts will also be permanently banned if they do not have prior staff approval.

    Usernames containing extended ASCII characters are strongly discouraged. While they do not pose a threat to anyone, they serve as an inconvenience to every member and render several of the forum's features useless. To avoid any conflict, alphanumeric usernames with underscores and hyphens are recommended.

    If a user profile is found to be offensive or disturbing in nature, staff reserves the right to remove the content in question. If a user name is deemed offensive, the account will be put into detention until the user can suggest a name that the staff agrees is not offensive.

    Everyone is allowed a signature and an avatar on these forums, just as long as it does not conflict with any of the forum rules.
    • 1 image 620x150 px max per signature with 2 lines of text, or no image with 5 lines of text.
    • Max image file size for the signature is 150KB.
    • No sound signatures which play by default.
    • Site donors are entitled to more flexible signature permissions.
    • Max dimensions of 100x100. (140x180 for donors)
    • Max file size of 50KB.
    Signatures which violate any forum rule will be deleted without warning.

    • Do not post, discuss, insinuate, or joke about anything piracy-oriented. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Applications cracked to run without activation
      • Bogus serial numbers or product keys
      • Keygenerators
      • Disc images of copyrighted media (movies, games, etc.)
    • Do not post any images, audio, or video that cannot be obtained without purchase.
    • Discussion of Peer-to-Peer technologies or software (such as BitTorrent) is allowed as long as you are not promoting using the software for piracy or copyright infringement purposes.
    "Halo 1 didn't have proper mustache code and that's why the new mustache seems overpowered."
    -ejburke, Nov. 2011
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    Submitting News

    Modacity is a community website. We bring you the latest and greatest news as fast as we can. Unfortunately, sometimes we may be a little behind in the news. If you get word of something we don't know of yet, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

    To submit news, all you have to do is create a new thread in the news forum and type up a brief summary to give the reader a general idea of what the news story is about. Generally, there is enough information to summarize in a few sentences. At the end of the summary, provide a link to the source of the information. If you are unsure about how to properly go about this, take a quick look at some of the previous news stories on the front page.

    Only submit your news submission once. The news must be approved by someone on the administration staff before it will be shown on the front page. Also, use proper grammar and a spell checker before submitting. The more well written the news story is will give that one a better chance at seeing the light of day.