Irritating Post - 1 point
User made a post that is, in general, irritating. This may include horrible grammar, excessive misspellings, excessive use of emoticons, failure to use [shot] tags, multiple consecutive posts, signatures which are obtrusive on posts, etc.

Winging It - 1 point
User obviously don't know what they're talking about, while attempting to sound like they were an expert. Applied if the user is proven wrong with enough evidence and does not own up to their mistake.

Shitposting - 1 point
The user's post was a horribly failed attempt to be funny. Examples include gay jokes, overused "your mom/spouse/girlfriend" one-liners, or anything that absolutely kills the atmosphere of a discussion (if you said it at a party, it would be followed with an awkward silence).

eRage - 1 point
User's post came off as unnecessarily angry or upset.

Backseat Moderation - 1 point
User attempted to assert authority they don't have, instead of reporting the problem to a real moderator.

Unconstructive Post - 2 points
User's post has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand, is a sharp change in topic to something that was not the original topic, or is absolutely pointless.

Retard Retort - 2 points
User lashed out needlessly at criticism they asked for.

Trolling - 2 points
User's post has been made to elicit negative responses from other members, and/or start needless drama.

Hook, Line, and Sinker - 2 points
User responded to flamebait after it has been marked as such.

Flame - 2 points
User's post was a direct insult to another member.

Multiple Accounts - 3 points
User was found with a duplicate account.

Inappropriate Content - 3 points
User's post contains content that is pornographic, hateful, overly gross, etc. in nature.

Insubordination - 3 points
User went against orders given directly by site staff.

Piracy Discussion - 5 points
User attempted to promote piracy or solicit product/activation keys or full game downloads from members.

Piracy - Instant Permaban
User posted a link to pirated software or piracy tools, such as key generators, demo-to-full version patches, activation hacks, product keys, etc.

Solicitation - Instant Permaban
A new user attempted to advertise services/products for free or for money without first becoming a known quantity in the community.


After 10 infraction points or 10 warnings (whatever comes first) are accumulated, the user will be put into a special Detention group so staff can discuss with the user why they are temp-banned, what they plan to do correct themselves when they get out, etc. for about two weeks; less if the user is willing to comply, more if the user is unresponsive or insubordinate. Users accumulating 5 more points or 10 more warnings after the first detainment will be permanently banned.

Also note that staff can come up with custom infractions or warnings to suit special situations not covered here that need discipline. Additionally, if a user's behavior is deemed bad enough amongst the staff, the staff reserves the right to bypass set disciplinary systems and ban a user, temporarily or permanently, without notice.