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  1. General Questions about using the Halo 1 Engine and Creating Maps
  2. [WIP] Waterways (tentative title)
  3. Vision in the Marker
  4. Bitmap extracting problems with Windows 7..........
  5. HCE 3ds Max 8 to 3ds Max 9 Animation Conversion
  6. Help Needed With Installing Halo Without CD
  7. HCE Higuys Guide to Single Player Mapping
  8. Errors not align and/or gone.
  9. Dedicated server problem
  10. Vehicle open doors
  11. HCE Kva's Random Halo CE Projects Thread
  12. Is HCE this limited?
  13. HCE ATTN ZEPH: Stop making maps.
  14. HCE [Survey] Rate the following options...
  15. Design Help?
  16. HCE HCE3 Expo
  17. map wip, rm-ghosttown
  18. HCE collision model help
  19. HCE Anyone know this?
  20. System link / 4-Player Coop For Halo 1 [New Downloads!]
  21. HCE Log Mod 3.0
  22. The best way to unwrap cliffs?
  23. fp animations
  24. "bounding radius" and"render bounding radius"
  25. HCE HaloChan
  26. HCE Help wiht Halo CE Map Making
  27. Custom Animations for Custom Vehicles?
  28. Player Camera
  29. Memory Hacking, VB.net, and Player Positions
  30. How to make custom animations?
  31. HPC Multiplayer Health Blur Script - Client side
  32. Help me with my script please?
  33. Halo: CE Read Only?
  34. Halo 3 carbine tags?
  35. Camera Jerking
  36. Hey everyone,
  37. HCE Sapien Crashing- made mistake
  38. HCE Vehicle Physics
  39. script spawn ai help
  40. Help me make a Reach Grenade Launcher!
  41. HCE And Eight Is Great
  42. Another question about vehicle physics
  43. Ai issues...
  44. Controller Magnetism for CE
  45. Who still plays this game
  47. Ifafudafi needs a gun
  48. HCE Ripping scripts?
  49. HCE Dreadnought
  50. Need serious help for a serious gamer.....
  51. Inferno
  52. Modifying Weapon Groups
  53. help with fog
  54. HCE 4v4 slayer/CTF on CE tonight 9 central RSVP
  55. Forge CE User Interface Design
  56. .scenario keeps murdering itself
  57. HCE Error Installing HEK
  58. Looking for people to help test Maxplayers Mod
  59. checkfpu
  60. Effect Tag Help
  61. HCE The Black Arts of Halo Mods
  62. 3D bitmaps help
  63. HCE Custom Weapon: Parts not showing in game
  64. Halo PiP
  65. My Worst Enemy of CE. ERRORs.
  66. Help!, Custom vehicles not showing up in-game!
  67. How do I script?
  69. Biped Animation Problem - Random T-pose
  70. Needler hates me
  71. Reach Target Locator, anyone?
  72. Saving Radiosity crashes Sapien
  73. A study of the CMT (school project)
  74. HCE Halo (Xbox) Halo 2 HUD
  75. If someone gets this done, I will release the tag for everyone.
  76. Heart of Man. By Tylerp14.
  77. HCE Project Epsilon
  78. HCE Map Turned Inside Out By Tool?
  79. Destructible Projectiles
  80. HCE Anti-Aliasing? In my Halo? It's more likely than you think! (ATI 5&6+ series only)
  81. Before Releasing a Bunch of Junk......
  82. my tags can beat up your tags (tool error)
  83. Collision Models
  84. HCE I need some serious help if one can find the time
  85. Updates? Servers?
  86. HCE .garbage object
  87. HPC Editing Gametypes
  88. tool wont build bsp
  89. HCE MRp Clan is Dead!!! AH!!!!!!
  90. reech wepons reguest
  91. Halo: Anniversary - The Halo 1 remake (fuck anyone who calls it "halo ce" remake)
  92. I need help with Sapien
  93. IG Brainz Source
  94. Please Help Halo Pc
  95. HCE Bitmap blending?
  96. Elite Friendly AI not wanting to follow me....
  97. halo ce ded patch
  98. CTF gametypes messed up?
  99. reech waepons reguest again
  100. Server Query
  101. HCE What is Open Sauce
  102. Injecting DLLs (or hooking, whatever) into Halo CE
  103. HCE Halo Titles conversion into UDK
  104. Halo Reach Mission 10 Pillar of Autumn
  106. HCE Aether error
  107. Format to export 3ds Max to Sapien
  108. Where is the directory that I can find the "tool"?
  109. Quick Question to all you pro mappers.
  110. Need a 1920x1080 chat box
  111. HCE Anyone interested in a UI tutorial?
  112. H2V Assassin's Creed II UI reguest
  113. HCE Project: Unify Halo Custom Edition
  114. Modacity Halo CE Servers
  115. HCE Large Scaled Device - Vehicles
  116. Help [Halo CE]
  117. 1/27 Thursday gamenight, time: 8PM EST
  118. HCE NFMT
  119. Map/gametype suggestions for next gamenight (TBA)
  120. Scripting help
  121. Halo Custom Edition Server help
  122. Modacity Gamenight 2, vote for the maps you want!
  123. HCE Waterfalls
  124. HCE FRMT
  125. BSP rejecting dynamic lighting
  126. HCE fp arms export error
  127. HCE Effects on sapien ?
  128. Need help with BSP Switching script
  129. Open Sauce help?
  130. Are there any reach bipeds for Halo CE?
  131. Bomb Run 2 (Halo PC)
  132. Project Phoenix (Halo PC)
  133. Parallax: Redux (Halo PC)
  134. I need help with a kill script.
  135. pings not showing up for servers, but can join fine.
  136. HCE Mercury Falling Public Beta
  137. servers hang after intelising init
  138. HCE How do I make waves for SP Maps?
  139. HCE Shame...
  141. Projectile Offsets
  142. Halo CE server help please anyone :(
  143. HCE What am doing wrong with my script?
  144. HCE Underground/Tunnel ?
  145. Weapon displays
  146. Weapon hud crosshairs
  147. HCE How do I make Chapter Titles?
  148. Sound file problem
  149. Sapien or Guerilla ?
  150. HCE Exception ?
  151. [WIP] Requiem
  152. HCE help
  153. anyone check the server list yet?
  154. HPC Halo Combat Edition Server Help Please!
  155. Halo Custom maps
  156. HCE Quid-Pro-Quo Map
  157. Halo Dedicated server app flying vehicles
  158. Halo CE Dedicated Server Issue solution
  159. Vehicle collision models
  160. HPC Phasor [Open Source]
  161. H4MT
  162. Gamenight 4/8
  163. I am Jose
  164. What happened to the HCE ranking system?
  165. OBJ import fail
  166. HCE Assistance in the realm of Decals
  167. Gamenight 4/15
  168. Blitz for newer max versions
  169. CTF Spawns not working
  170. Gamenight 4/22
  171. HCE Halo Server Log Reader
  172. HCE Armor Lock (WIP)
  173. Kornner Studio's youtube channel
  174. Script Stubs
  175. My Modeling Predicament
  176. HCE Requesting: Face Clan Media + '_' +
  177. HCE [WIP] The Red Skulls: a custom free-roam campaign.
  178. is there anyway too..
  179. 3ds Max materials problem
  180. HCE Workflow for modeling off a reference?
  181. HCE Halo CE sapp problem (pls help)
  182. HCE Fog Error?
  183. Four score and seven years...
  184. Scripts and teams
  185. Using an animated object to carry a vehicle?
  186. HCE Melee Weapons Revamped[WIP]
  187. Flashlight Messed up?
  188. Permission to use map elements
  189. HPC Phoenix 2
  190. HCE I need help with scripting
  191. Scripting Help
  192. Dumb Questions I'm Too Lazy to Search For
  193. ---HELP--- how to script spawning warthog when countdown timer = zero
  194. Quick Question
  195. Biped Exporting Error
  196. HCE Do you guys know of combine BSP mods for Halo single player maps?
  197. Does anyone have FP arms rigged with IK Points for FP animating?
  198. HCE Halo Duel Edition v 1 + 2 Feedback WIP
  199. Trouble with texturing in 3ds Max 2012.
  200. My personal HCE challenge : Halo Reach Ranger Elite
  201. Effect Help
  202. HCE Odd 3ds Max 8 Error
  203. 2d Grass using facing sprites?
  204. New "Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary" with better graphics
  205. HCE Shadows won't show up on baked lightmaps
  206. HCE Pirates, keep them or ban them, what would you do?
  207. Unnamed Map Pack
  208. HCE [WIP] Forerunner Valley
  209. About Time
  210. Portalling? I need help plz.
  211. HCE How to make a good ground bitmap?
  212. HCE Lumoria: Episode Two
  213. HCE Need help, sounds no longer work
  214. HCE ERROR: Radiosity Out of Memory
  215. Looking for some usefull tags
  216. HCE Halo CE custom maps that play like Single players
  217. HCE Tool Error - Help needed
  218. Lighting issues
  219. gamenight plz
  220. own ayoub bots
  221. Using Exact Portals on expansive Interiors?
  222. Need exported animation sample (COLLADA)
  223. Halo Pc Modded map "Quit Bug" (using spark edit)
  224. Chapter Title
  225. Anyone have the latest version of Gandanur
  226. HCE 3ds Max - I broke it
  227. I need some help
  228. HCE Question !
  229. Halo PC 1.09 Addresses and Structs
  230. Coldsnap crashing people??
  232. Command admin _add
  233. HCE Frozen's Halo Server Help Thread - A compilation of questions
  234. Sapien crashes video driver
  235. Gameplay Design (tutorial)
  236. HCE Scripte in the solo player
  237. HCE How to use "Recorded Animations"
  238. HCE have not find anything for this
  239. We're back! CMT Returns!
  240. HCE d3d9.dll Causes Halo To Exception
  241. sup....
  242. HCE How to ASCII(Alt Codes) sv_name for gameserver?
  243. HCE Does someone have "haloceded.exe" version
  244. Dynamic Mirror
  246. Scenery not shading in lightmap
  247. Regarding Sapien Error.
  248. Portals,portals,portals. They never work as they should..
  249. Odd water gltich
  250. HCE server crash, auto load, same map, same scores