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July 1st, 2008, 11:02 PM
Alright , This feels weird to ask this (mainly because I am a computer technician). Ok the problem occurs randomly during steam and only steam. All Blue screen errors for n4d.dll (Nivida dll), aeaudio.sys (sound max file), and senfilt.sys (another sound max file). So about 3 days ago i decided to formate out (boy what a long wait to formate 1.5 terabytes out not the quick formate either) but if finally finished. Reloaded xp pro sp2 decided to see if it was the new sp3 causing it so i disable windows update. Reinstalled drivers from the original cd (since i haven't had any problems from it until now) reloaded steam another long wait. So i tried again it crashes giving those same errors so i decided to update all drivers that are related to the blue screen problems. That didn't do a thing. Next I told myself what the hell I ll try sp3 maybe that would cause a miracle. That didn't work either. So i contacted Steam thinking well if all this didnt work and its only happening when steam runs maybe they can help or tell me what maybe causing it. That is where i am now. Playing the waiting game with them. THough i can have steam up i just cant play anygames unlesss i want my pc to crash http://gnclan.com/images/smiles/icon_sad.gif.

oh ya system specs
Asus M2n Deluxe sli mobo
AMD x2 6400
4 gig ozc sli ddr2 ram
1.5 terabyte hard drive
8800 gts 640mb Nvidia card
xp sp3
Post your thoughts.