View Full Version : [WIP]Retribution (working title)

January 13th, 2009, 12:08 PM
* 342 years after mankind’s self-eradication, robots have assumed the role of dominant species on the planet Earth. By the man-made gift of artificial intelligence, and the natural process of self-awareness, robots have developed their own personalities and, in turn, brought their own perceptions of morality to attention.

The Earth is now divided into fifteen massive nations, occupying all seven continents on the planet. For the most part, these nations exist peacefully with each other, but due to the differing conceptions of morality existing in every robot, there is at least one war going on at any given time, many of them internal within a nation. This is a story about one such conflict, involving a Lieutenant and a General in the URM (United Robotics Military).

This is the start of a plot synopsis for a short animation I have had in mind for the last two years or so. Yes, I'm aware that "United Robotics Military" is a bit cheesy, and I'm working on finding a better name. Same goes for the title.
I'll add onto this synopsis as soon as I can organize my thoughts properly.