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September 26th, 2010, 11:12 AM
After a week of rigorous self-tests and diagnostics, the map is virtually completed. I just need a group of testers for this to be done, granted there is a set day we can test on. So without further ado, I reveal the basics of the Confliction Forge World map:

First Phase: The Island

Spartans Start on the opposite side of the island from the Elites:


2nd Phase: The Cliffs

Made Special For Spartans: (Will comment on later)

3rd Phase: The Canyon (Promptly dubbed Death Valley)

First Attempt At Halo Reach Advanced Forerunner Structure (FAAHRAFS):

Okay, a little sketchy and a tad empty (damn budget), but not too shabby for my first attempt at an Invasion map. I wanted to start with the entire map, so I'm glad I actually got this finished (the FAAHRAFS was horrid at first, so people should be fortunate it turned out somewhat decently). Anyways, onward to gameplay schematics. I'll basically list each Tier's linear objective and the Loadouts that accompany them:


Tier 1 - Push the Covenant back from the island and capture the camp sites to block the Alien(Forerunner) transceivers.
Loadout 1: Scout - Sprint ability with the AR and Pistol (basic of basics).
Loadout 2: Security- Evade ability with the AR and Pistol (mix things up a little).

Tier 2 - Advance into the cliffs where the Covenant has transfixed itself and several Alien Communication Arrays. Disable the Arrays.
Loadout 1: Guard - Armor Lock ability with AR and Pistol (keep it classy).
Loadout 2: Recon - Sprint ability with DMR and AR (keep it classical).
Loadout 3: Spec Ops - Evade ability with AR and Pistol (keep it original).

Tier 3 - The Covenant have been driven back to their base of operations, an Alien structure at the other end of the Canyon. Use the bomb and blow it to smithereens.
Loadout 1: Air Assault - Jet Pack ability with Grenade Launcher and AR (make it practical).*
Loadout 2: Sharpshooter - Sprint ability with DMR and Pistol (make it simple).
Loadout 3: Operator - Evade ability with Shotgun and Pistol (make it different).
Loadout 4: Grenadier - Armor Lock ability with Grenade Launcher and Pistol (make it meaningful).*
Loadout 5: Medic - Drop Shield ability with DMR and AR (make it compatible).

Tier 1 - Mongoose.
Tier 2 - Warthog, Falcon, and Mongoose.
Tier 3 - Warthog, Rocket Hog, Mongoose, and Falcons.


Tier 1 - Defend the Island for Human infestation!
Loadout 1: Warrior - Evade ability with Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol.
Loadout 2: Assassin - Active Camo ability with Needler.

Tier 2 - We cannot allow the Humans to block our Arrays! Show them no mercy!
Loadout 1: Ranger - Jetpack ability with Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol.
Loadout 2: Zealot - Evade ability with Needle Rifle and Plasma Rifle.
Loadout 3: Dark Assassin - Active Camo ability with Needler and Plasma Rifle.

Tier 3 - The Humans are surely on their way to defile the Relic! Stop them at all costs!
Loadout 1: Ranger - Jetpack ability with Concussion Rifle and Plasma Pistol.
Loadout 2: Royal Zealot - Evade ability with Needle Rifle and Energy Sword.
Loadout 3: Infilitrator - Active Camo ability with Plasma Rifle and Needle Rifle.
Loadout 4: Demolitions - Armor Lock ability with Concussion Rifle and Plasma Launcher.
Loadout 5: Sentry - Drop Shield ability with Focus Rifle and Needle Rifle.

Vehicles (Tier 2 vehicles never respawn after being destroyed):
Tier 1 - Plasma turret
Tier 2 - Shades, Ghost, Revenant, and Banshee.
Tier 3 - Ghosts, Revenant, Banshees, and Wraith.

General Gameplay changes:
-Each player starts with one grenade that corresponds to their faction; no spamming will take place unless you earn the grenades to spam.
-Tier 3 is 10 minutes long and Sudden Death is 1 minute long.
-Bomb arming time is 15 seconds and Bmb disarming time is ten seconds.
-Players that have the bomb will be able to use their Loadout while carrying it; however, players with the Evade loadout will not be able to use thier ability(anim problem maybe).
-As you've probably noticed, the Tier 3 loadouts include some extreme weapons (Rocket Launcher and Plasma Launcher), as well as making the Grenade Launcher and Concussion Rifle available in two Loadouts. Not only is this intended (I want both sides to have an equal chance at fights instead of being spammed by the Falcon or Banshee), but it makes up for the general lack of weapons placed across the map (they're freaking expensive now!).
-Elites also have advantage in Tier 3 with Close quarters due to a few spawns that allow them a chance to turn the battle fairly.
-Plasma Rifle replaces Plasma Repeater because I like the Plasma Rifle. Unless it actually makes big differences, no changes will be made.
-The Ranger and Air Assault classes have the two non-heavy explosive weapons for their factions to make them effective. People will actually be motivated to use the Jetpack ability now besides just grenade spamming and vehicle disabling.

There are probably more things to add, but I'm not sure yet: I haven't tested it with anyone besides myself. If you would like to help me test, then send me a Friend Request (my GT is in my Sig) and we will all have a test day at some point in time. I'll release after it's been tested to perfection.

September 26th, 2010, 02:25 PM
I can tell you now that adding in classes with Rockets and Fuel Rod Launchers is NOT a good move. Everyone will end up taking it for obvious reasons.
Furthermore, the screenshots don't look terribly impressive. But that's just my opinion.

September 26th, 2010, 02:47 PM
I was lazy with how many screen shots I wanted to capture. Besides, I'm using the entire map, not just the island portion. Also, the budget wouldn't allow me to place multiple power weapons across the map. The Elites need the extra fire power of the PLASMA LAUNCHER to combat the various warthogs (no guass) and Falcons the Spartans have access to. The Elites have two Banshees at the end (might make it one), a Wraith, a Revenant, and two ghosts. The FRG is way too powerful to have in the game, so don't worry about balance issues there. The Rockets may be removed too considering their potency and how people might spam them. However, the humans DO NOT have a Scorpion tank. They have three Falcons (two on the first island, one by the BG base) and two Rocket Hogs (both by the Air Base), so I really just might remove the Rockets. Thanks for ideas though.