View Full Version : Quit without Probation

August 22nd, 2011, 05:30 PM
Tired of being on a team when it's 4 vs 2 and you have the shorthand?
Don't you think it's a waste of time to even play the game,
Do you care about your K/D and hate it when the game is unfair not in your favor?

well just quit? oh wait they temp ban you

Well here's an easy fix, just hit the middle button, then push Y. lol then go back into reach and it'll act like nothing happened.


spread the word, it's saved me so many times when players lag out or they just jump off the edge or they are just AFK and the advantage is against you.

August 23rd, 2011, 09:19 PM
Doesn't work, it will still catch up with you. Here's a little tip that I picked up through personal experience:

1. The way the quit ban is set up is actually a mix between your local hardware and your account on Bungie.net
2. Every time you quit a game, by hitting "Quit," the game logs that on your profile on your Xbox. It keeps a tally of the number of times you quit every 24 hours.
3. When the game is finished and the stats get uploaded to Bungie.net, they parse the stats and tally up the DNFs.
4. If you quit to dashboard or power off your Xbox instead of selecting quit from the menu, it doesn't get a chance to log the quit locally, but you will have it recorded after the game finishes.
5. Every time you start the game and join matchmaking, your profile with its most recent quit count and ban start/end is downloaded from Bungie. If you've exceeded the limit, it will give you a probation warning. If you quit again, the local game will remember that and ban you for 15 minutes each time.

Unless Bungie realized the quit ban system was hurting players with shitty connections and ruining the game for the few remaining active players, so they removed the quit ban backend and left it to be completely local. If that's the deal, then you're absolutely right that this works. Or maybe in the handoff to 343, it wasn't set up properly again.

But fuck this game, not even Bungie gave a shit about it after its release.