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April 2nd, 2008, 11:27 AM
With this flowgraph you can have a complete squad at your commands, they will follow, help during fights, shoot by your vehicle, and listens to your orders.
No setup is required, usable on every map, simply import the file.
As this is still a test version, please report all the bugs and suggestions that you find in the thread, thanks.


* (the "ai" are your team mates)

* ai follows you and stops keeping an appropriate distance
* ai enters in a vehicle with you or follow you by foot if the vehicle is full
* ai engages in combat enemies while keeping following you
* ai can be ordered to stop, form up, go to a point, enter/exit a vehicle, engage an enemy to attack
* squad health system: every squad member 's life will be displayed on the hud, when the health is critical the character will fall down slowly dying if you don't help him

Changelog RC1:

* fixed audio issues
* fixed movement problems
* added new squad health system
* added squad capability to search cover

Changelog V 0.95:

* fixed various vehicle and movement related bugs
* movement now works perfectly on every surface
* vehicle enter/exit issues are resolved
* sniper no longer gets stuck on some situations
* antitank follower now properly uses his rocket launcher

Changelog V 0.9:

* fixed various issues
* added an emergency teleport function
* added support for a complete squad (three members) each with different roles

Command keys:

* num4-num6 call member 1,2,3; and activates the following commands

* num7: move to position/enter,exit vehicle/engage enemy
* num8: form up/enter into my vehicle
* num9: remain in position/stop/exit from my vehicle
* num / : cancel order
* num + : heal dying squad member
* num * : emergency teleport

Known limitations:

* Followers have a poor pathfinding ability, sometimes they will get stuck when following through obstacles or entering a vehicle from the wrong side.
* The two civilian vehicles are not supported due to missing animations

Errors found:
*Sometimes 1 or 2 ai will wonder off doing there own thing.

Installation guide:

1. Unzip the file wherever you want to obtain a .grp file (object group file)
2. Open the sandbox editor
3. Open a map
4. Open the DB, database, and import (if you didn’t already do it):
-in the entity section “us.xml”
-in the particles section “misc.xml”, "alien_weapons", "alien_special"
-in the gametokens section “hud.xml”
5. Go to modify>load object(s) - the premade character will appear in your map, search for it, it is selected
Move the character to the ground (an appropriate position)
6. Go to AI>generate all navigation
7. Play!

Download Flowgraph here:

CLICK HERE (http://us2.strategyinformer.com/v2/download/115f5ad8/crysis%2FSquadCommander-RC1.zip)