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Llama Juice

  1. It's begun.

    Right now I'm hanging out in North Carolina at my friend Ashley's house. She's off at work and such, but I'm just hanging out here.

    It's interesting visiting her, because... she basically was my best friend through high school... and so it's like... I REALLY know her.... and she knows me.... so it doesn't have that slight weirdness to it that most of these online encounters have... I'm just extremely comfortable around her and such.

    That's not to say that I wasn't comfortable ...
  2. Planning Llama Juice on Tour

    I've never planned anything like this road trip before, and so far things have been moving along alright with it all.... but already I can tell that this type of stuff isn't really my deal haha.

    I'm one to normally just flow with whatever comes at me... but I realized that most of the people that I'm going to be visiting won't really be able to work like that... so I have to try to stick to a schedule for it all. I've already poured hours into this planning phase on just trying to ...
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