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  1. Reach Gametypes

    So I got some more hands-on time with Reach and I've gotten a feel for it, slightly. Still don't know where everything is in either map, but whatever, I've got some somewhat-solid opinions on non-Slayer type games.

    First and foremost, who made the decision to put an objective gametype as the default choice in the map vote for grab bag? A vast majority of players, myself included at the start, either don't seem to know about the vote system or are preoccupied with browsing the Armory ...
  2. Once More Unto The βReach

    So a friend shot me a code and I played the Reach beta for a while. No, he has no more, don't bother asking. Since I've come to the realization as of late that I generally suck at the vidya, here's a brief review from the view of one of those terrible casual players that's the cause of the abomination that is Reach (as claimed by the hardcore crowd).

    First impression, it feels like a whole new game. I haven't gotten used to all of the new weapons, hell I can't even get to use them ...

    updated April 30th, 2010 at 04:35 AM

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