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    Brum Brum brum, brum brum brum, brum brum
  2. The Story of Rep

    And on the first day, Zeph and Innergoat gave Rossmum the rep

    And he saw it was something to be used only for good

    Thus, with a quick political joke about Murica

    Rep was spread to me with the message of responsibility

    And thus Tyrant did spread the rep

    And in the following days it was spread some more

    Until today, a day when all good men have rep

    And FreeLancer is still in the red
  3. Are fredumb of speck is in dngr!!!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!11 11one111!!!!!!!!!

    PeoPlE keP sayin that ar Rite tu critisise gams is n dngr.

    I Sai thy is rite.
  4. The Origins of The Clown Prince of Crime

    In 1869 a book by the esteemed author Victor Hugo was published. Most famously the writer of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", Hugo had been exiled from France for the political nature of his writings. So, over the first fifteen months that he lived in exile, Hugo wrote "The Man Who Laughs". In the story a small boy named Gwynplaine is abandoned in Western England, and is struggling to find his way in a snow storm. On his way towards nowhere, the boy finds a small blind infant that ...