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    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to TVTyrant again.
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    wow it doesnt work how do i report this blog to the cops?????????????????????????????
  4. TVTyrant's Avatar
    No my satanic stoner metal!
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    You used the youtube tag wrong you dumb shit
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    I'd rep you if I could. I'mma find another post of yours and give rep.
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  10. ThePlague's Avatar
    I dun has rep
  11. Roostervier's Avatar
    this is a retarded your are similarly as well, thanks
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  14. Tnnaas's Avatar
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    would rep if possible
  17. BobtheGreatII's Avatar
    Lol nice.
  18. TVTyrant's Avatar
    I love you all
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  20. TeeKup's Avatar
    This is glorious
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