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  1. Halo Reach - Beta Vids (Youtube HD)

    My Some of my Best Exploits from the Halo: Reach Beta. Enjoy.
    (If its too much, just double click the video you would like to see.)
    If you comment, please do so as "@videoname - texttexttext"

    -Thank you-
    Life , The Good
  2. The History of INSANEdrive - "My First Mod"

    This is Part 3. Part 2 is here

    I had never posted in a forum before. So... I learned. And I posted My thoughts. I really wanted to mod... just didn't have the technical skill or the technical hardware to do what I wanted to do.

    Now this next part if fuzzy but I think it occurred in this order. First the mod the changed it all for me. That made me say..this is what I want to do.

    [skin]Halo PC: The Way it was Meant to be Played REVISED
    by Halo ...
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  3. The History of INSANEdrive - "Welcome to Halomods"

    This is part 2. Part One is here

    Than... in 2003 a game called Halo came out. I saw the adds in the gamer-zeins in the grocery store. One man vs All. " That game sounds too hard" I said. "I'm not going to play it".

    The they seem to do... had other plans.

    The full detail I won't go into on how the fates did just that, but to be brief... someone felt the game was too hard. They weren't really a "gamer" per say, ...
    Life , The Good