Blog Guidelines

All rules outlined in our AUP that apply to the forums apply to your blog posts as well. Key points include:
  • Make sure your posts are readable and make sense.
  • Refrain from using our blogs to slander/libel other members (or, in fact, just people in general), or to troll or harass other members.
  • Refrain from reposting copyrighted material without prior consent from the original author.
  • Refrain from posting topics that would spark discussion of piracy.

  • Use the blog as a journal, or as a personal publishing medium. Generally acceptable content that we have preset categories for include:
    • Life events
    • Chronicling mod or game content development (devblog)
    • Fanfiction or reviews
  • Shy away from topics that you think will cause friction or cause unnecessary negative attention towards yourself. You may post these items, but be aware of what you're getting yourself into when bringing up controversial topics.
  • Avoid giving out too much information. Some things are best kept to yourself, such as relationships and health issues. You can talk about these things if they're relevant, but don't go into detail about aspects that you wouldn't talk about in public.
  • Respect the wishes of others, on and off the internet. If someone does not want you to mention them in a blog post, do not do it. When in doubt, ask your subject if they mind you posting something about them.
  • Select a relevant category for your new post to be put in. Blog posts put into an irrelevant category will be moved, and people doing this repeatedly on purpose will be disciplined.