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  1. +rep plz

    >tfw you haven't been +repped in almost 4 months
  2. I Tried to Play Halo 4 Again Without Judging It

    I couldn't.

    Why is the Dawn so BIG? It was never this big in Halo 3. We KNEW the scale.
    Why is Cortana? Halo 1-3 she had legs for days and now it's like she chose to look so basic.
    Why Chief armor? I get you're trying to do your own thing but wait until Halo 5, we aren't ready for an unrealistic armor change.
    Why Chief visor? I feel like I have some weird inability to see now. It's like I'm closed in and looking out a tube.
    Why is the inside of the Dawn so... ...
  3. halo killed my audio drivers??? I suspect toolbeta

    ms officials please provide download of June 28, 2003 copy of to prevent such issues in the future.
  4. Update: The Search for

    Halo Custom Edition has been released over 10 years ago and we are still unable to find If anyone has any information on where might be hiding, please let us know. Send all tips to our search hotline at #modacity.

    Here's to another 10 years of searching. Cheers m8s.
  5. a

    This video is unable to be displayed because the YouTube video tags were used incorrectly. Please review proper use of the tags here.
    Tags: oh my god , turkey
  6. My Room Smells Like Halo

    was thinkin about halo when i remembered halo 4 then i remembered frank o'connor and his "the fins were present in the first game but not visible due to the low graphic resolution" comment on anniversary and then I got mad about halo now I'm physically unwell and have a headache and need to vomit.

    please ban future halo discussion on this forum
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  7. HAIL-SATAN-WORSHIP-DOOM" width="644" height="390">" />This video is unable to be displayed because the YouTube video tags were used incorrectly. Please review proper use of the tags here.

    Brum Brum brum, brum brum brum, brum brum
  8. RIP my blog post in pieces

  9. The Story of Rep

    And on the first day, Zeph and Innergoat gave Rossmum the rep

    And he saw it was something to be used only for good

    Thus, with a quick political joke about Murica

    Rep was spread to me with the message of responsibility

    And thus Tyrant did spread the rep

    And in the following days it was spread some more

    Until today, a day when all good men have rep

    And FreeLancer is still in the red
  10. Reported Blog Entry by jcap

    Quote Originally Posted by jcap View Post
    jcap has reported a blog entry.

    Entry: jcap post your desk
    Blog: InnerGoat
    Assigned Moderators: N/A

    Posted by: InnerGoat
    Original Content:
    Tags: yolo desk
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