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  1. Ees Mah Burfday

    Well, it WAS. Yesterday. And just now I learn that I share a birthday with the none other than Freddie Mercury. Rest in peace, dude.

    Birthday loot includes a free dinner at Applebee's, and a hilariously ironic shirt. Also tacos. Lots of tacos.

    Rock Band customs on hold until whenever... thinking of possibly charting the cover of the Crossfire commercial song by Steel Panther, featured in one of Freddie Wong's latest videos. Funny, I was thinking about that commercial ...
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  2. Look Out, Honey, 'Cause I'm Usin' Technology

    I don't think I've ever been this busy. And it feels good.

    Been over a month at the new job and it's pretty cool so far. Mostly been working a lot with our webserver and learning how to write UNIX shell scripts to automate stuff, and trying to figure out how to make an archaic ecommerce setup be slightly less cumbersome until we get our new platform running. It's been a pain, but it's like a big series of puzzles, and I always feel very happy when I figure something out and get it ...
    Tags: college , money , work
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  3. Halo Reach - Beta Vids (Youtube HD)

    My Some of my Best Exploits from the Halo: Reach Beta. Enjoy.
    (If its too much, just double click the video you would like to see.)
    If you comment, please do so as "@videoname - texttexttext"

    -Thank you-
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  4. The History of INSANEdrive - "My First Mod"

    This is Part 3. Part 2 is here

    I had never posted in a forum before. So... I learned. And I posted My thoughts. I really wanted to mod... just didn't have the technical skill or the technical hardware to do what I wanted to do.

    Now this next part if fuzzy but I think it occurred in this order. First the mod the changed it all for me. That made me say..this is what I want to do.

    [skin]Halo PC: The Way it was Meant to be Played REVISED
    by Halo ...
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  5. The History of INSANEdrive - "Welcome to Halomods"

    This is part 2. Part One is here

    Than... in 2003 a game called Halo came out. I saw the adds in the gamer-zeins in the grocery store. One man vs All. " That game sounds too hard" I said. "I'm not going to play it".

    The they seem to do... had other plans.

    The full detail I won't go into on how the fates did just that, but to be brief... someone felt the game was too hard. They weren't really a "gamer" per say, ...
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  6. Ifafudafi goes on vacation

    Due to a very handsome merit bonus from last year, I'm now sitting on a balcony on an island resort overlooking a scene of tree-lineed hills and wide oceans that might as well have come out of Crysis while enjoying a delicious little thing called a Rum and Coke.

    Right below me, down a staircase, is a pool, a grill, and the beach itself.

    The enitre area has free WiFi.

    Obviously, I'll be making very little progress on the mod this week. You guys enjoy your ...
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  7. Planning Llama Juice on Tour

    I've never planned anything like this road trip before, and so far things have been moving along alright with it all.... but already I can tell that this type of stuff isn't really my deal haha.

    I'm one to normally just flow with whatever comes at me... but I realized that most of the people that I'm going to be visiting won't really be able to work like that... so I have to try to stick to a schedule for it all. I've already poured hours into this planning phase on just trying to ...
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