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  1. Reported Blog Entry by jcap

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    jcap has reported a blog entry.

    Entry: jcap post your desk
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    Scrap Table , Art
  2. jcap post your desk

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    jcap post your desk.
    jcap post your desk
  3. [Release] Halo No Lead Fix (Server-side)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bof View Post
    this TERROR attack was reported to the FBI

    please STOP attacking members of pubblic
    blog ths post if you are against the regime
  4. October 20th Game Marathon for children's hospitals

    Sup guys. I'm going to be doing a 24 hour game marathon on October 20th as part of the Extra-Life program to raise money for children's hospitals. I thought I'd post this here in the event anybody wants to support the cause with a donation. I'll be streaming the whole thing via Xsplit, including a webcam view of myself for 24 hours. I haven't decided yet what I'll be playing, I may take requests through the live stream. Link to my page is here ...

    updated October 1st, 2012 at 08:13 PM

  5. Xbox dies, Xbox gets reborn in a old body.

    So, back around June time my Xbox 360 dies on me during an update and Microsoft more or less left me in the cold due to warranties and blaming the issue on age of console not that fact the xbox froze during an update.

    Roll on a week and I've found a replacement Xbox off Ebay, described as having a faulty DVD drive, no worries I though, I'll fix that.
    Xbox arrives few days later for me to ...
  6. 2009-2012

  7. Just added both of my servers to Gametracker :D

  8. Are fredumb of speck is in dngr!!!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!11 11one111!!!!!!!!!

    PeoPlE keP sayin that ar Rite tu critisise gams is n dngr.

    I Sai thy is rite.
  9. Our freedom of speech is in danger!!

    There is a great danger out there right now. It would appear as if there are people attempting to criticize us for criticizing every tiny little detail about the video games we know and love, the video games that are HONEST and TRUE necessities in our lives. We need to fight these people, because they're threatening our ability to take the valuable time we spend nit-picking every tiny little detail in a community the developers of the games we criticize probably won't even see.

    These ...

    updated October 29th, 2011 at 09:05 PM

  10. Video Game Accessibility.

    Accessibility. I've used that word A LOT. We've all heard it a lot. I partly consider that term heretical for many reasons.

    The community has see a plethora of games in recent years that have attempted to be more "accessible" other gamers, in order to invite more people into said game or related products. There's an inherent problem with that. No game studio has done it properly, resulting in a watered down, shallow and all around BAD game. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is ...
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