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  1. it's been 6 years since the jcap post desk meme was created

    and he still doesn't have a desk to post. how sad.

    Tags: desk , jcap , post
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  2. Yeah, Here Comes The Water

    So, my dumb ass sent my new smartphone through the washing machine. It worked for a day afterwards, but now it won't charge. Well, I'll stick it back in the bag of rice and hope it's just an errant water droplet, and not some catastrophic failure. Insurance will cover a new one for $40, but that's $40 I don't have at the moment. As a friend of mine put it, I got phwned.

    As for life... busting my ass doing all sorts of web development goodness, trying to get a new online store platform ...
    Life , Devblog , Mixed Bag
  3. Ees Mah Burfday

    Well, it WAS. Yesterday. And just now I learn that I share a birthday with the none other than Freddie Mercury. Rest in peace, dude.

    Birthday loot includes a free dinner at Applebee's, and a hilariously ironic shirt. Also tacos. Lots of tacos.

    Rock Band customs on hold until whenever... thinking of possibly charting the cover of the Crossfire commercial song by Steel Panther, featured in one of Freddie Wong's latest videos. Funny, I was thinking about that commercial ...
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  4. ... But He's Faster Than Me

    Gah. I got beat; someone else has already done a full band chart of Walkie Talkie Man on Rock Band.

    So much for that. I'd move onto another song but at the moment I've got something else to focus on. Lightning decided to dig up a Floodlab again, which has been 4 years in the making just due to a mix of "wouldn't it be cool if...?" and laziness (the latter mostly on my part), and he'd like to get that out the door before the school year starts.

    That and Pooky ...
    Life , Devblog , Mixed Bag
  5. He's Fat And He Don't Run Too Fast

    So Threshold charting has been more or less finished, I've just passed it off to a friend that volunteered to do stage lighting cues. In the meantime, I'm moving on to charting Walkie Talkie Man.

    Unlike with Threshold, I don't have reference videos to show me how the instruments are played, so I'm attempting to transcribe this song entirely by ear. That said, I'm not fully confident that my charts will be accurate, so I'm going to start recording my charts as I make them, and asking ...
  6. Start A Band. Rock The World. Except not really.

    The flavor of the week is Rock Band 3 content creation, the not-so-official way! A few of you may have seen my tutorial on making custom Rock Band 3 songs without JTAGging your XBox or getting an XNA subscription. The rest of you most likely didn't give a shit, so screw you hippies.

    Over the next however long I feel like doing it, I'm working on authoring charts, complete with lighting, camera, and animation data, for a variety of songs from my music library that I deem cool enough ...

    updated July 30th, 2011 at 02:58 PM

  7. Droopul

    So the new platform we'll be using at my job is Drupal. To ease some headaches in the long run, I've taken it upon myself to convert my personal site from Joomla to Drupal.

    Good god, this is complicated.

    Having used Joomla (and previously Mambo) for years, I'm used to how a base install of it comes with a lot of core functionality, and thus, a defined way of doing things. Drupal comes with not a lot... but that's not a bad thing. In fact, that's what gives it its flexibility; ...
  8. Ifafudafi completes a campaign mod

    This'll take a while.
    Tags: finally
  9. Forge CE: First Vid Blog

    Sorry about the sound volume, that's the loudest I could get it without being extremely up close to the laptop mic.

    This is my first video blog and I wanted to talk a bit about Forge and get comfortable in front of the camera because I will be making more of these soon.

    The video is quite boring, so bare with me lol! Full screen that shiz.
    Devblog , Coding
  10. Forge CE: Updated to latest OpenSauce

    I was going to wait to blog again, but oh well. I have been having this random crash happen when I am holding an object in Forge when it respawns. The object is destroyed and recreated while I am still trying to modify the invalid data. Even though I have null pointer checks properly in place, my code is not syncing up to the engine to where my code knows exactly when this respawn happens. So, I messaged Kornman and had a very brief conversation before he logged offline. I asked him about the object ...

    updated October 13th, 2010 at 10:59 PM

    Devblog , Coding
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