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    Re: So what's everyone doing nowadays?

    Star citizen? Isn't that the game where it's renowned as a ponzi scheme where people have poured millions of dollars into with no return on investment because of feature creep?

    Jesus buddy, take...

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    Re: So what's everyone doing nowadays?

    Not much related to what I used to do here, although I did join a new game which I'm still sort of having doubts about, "Star Citizen" its a crowd funded MMO... having second thoughts about doing the...

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    Re: ...


    R.I.P. the most rad Elmo

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    Re: Halo CE Mysteries

    Doing swell man! Heading back to school to get a Masters degree which should be interesting haha. Venom's still around? Man I haven't seen him online in years... I definitely need to boot it up again...

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    Re: teamspeak??

    teamspeak teampseak teapmskeak

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