• Donations (Holiday 2010)

    Hi everybody! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.

    I am posting today to ask for donations to help keep the site alive. As many of you know, this site is maintained by the volunteer time of a handful of staff. It is also greatly supported by all of you, who have made very generous contributions in the past, so that I do not have to dig too deeply into my own pocket. At this time the PayPal account which pays for the site has once again dried up.

    If any of you has a few bucks left over from the holidays, I would greatly appreciate if you would make any size donation to the site. Every bit helps. I have set up a short donations FAQ for anyone who would like to make a contribution.

    Thank you everyone, and once again I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!
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    1. TeeKup's Avatar
      TeeKup -
      I'll make a 20$ donation come next paycheck.
    1. Siliconmaster's Avatar
      Siliconmaster -
      I can spare 10 dollars- donated a minute ago.
    1. Llama Juice's Avatar
      Llama Juice -
      I need to put some money in my own bank account so rent goes through, but then a nice chunk is going to you Ghostie/Modacity.
    1. Llama Juice's Avatar
      Llama Juice -
      As promised, $40 was just sent to modacity
    1. BobtheGreatII's Avatar
      BobtheGreatII -
      Just donated $15. Not much, but I hope it helps a little.