• Halo: 2122

    [21:22] Rentafence And on the first day, Zeph and Innergoat gave Rossmum the rep
    [21:22] Rentafence And he saw it was something to be used only for good
    [21:22] Rentafence Thus, with a quick political joke about Murica
    [21:22] Rentafence Rep was spread to me with the message of responsibility
    [21:22] Rentafence And thus Tyrant did spread the rep
    [21:22] Rentafence And in the following days it was spread some more
    [21:22] Rentafence Until today, a day when all good men have rep
    [21:22] Rentafence And FreeLancer is still in the red
    [21:22] Rentafence John 13:37
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    1. Patrickssj6's Avatar
      Patrickssj6 -
      redundant thread. i check the news section every day
    1. Rentafence's Avatar
      Rentafence -
      And I've been waiting for Snafubar to make a new modeling contest for 3 years.
    1. TVTyrant's Avatar
      TVTyrant -
      Needs more IRC post times
    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
      jon hole
    1. t3h m00kz's Avatar
      t3h m00kz -
      HAH "hole"
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