• Update: The Search for toolbeta.map

    Halo Custom Edition has been released over 10 years ago and we are still unable to find toolbeta.map. If anyone has any information on where toolbeta.map might be hiding, please let us know. Send all tips to our toolbeta.map search hotline at irc.gamesurge.net #modacity.

    Here's to another 10 years of searching. Cheers m8s.
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    1. InnerGoat's Avatar
      InnerGoat -
      front paged so more people see it. hope someone can help u out
    1. Siliconmaster's Avatar
      Siliconmaster -
      Wish I knew more, but I never saw a hint of it myself
    1. RoboClaw's Avatar
      RoboClaw -

      To solve the "toolbeta.map" problem , just do the following: Heres what you do:

      1. open notepad

      2. do not type anything.

      3. save it to your desktop with anyname.txt

      4. rename it to : toolbeta.map

      5. move this file "toolbeta.map" to your the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition folder.

      next time you compile your map you won't see that message.

      bingo. gone with the wind. Message is now gone forever.

      RG x-dec
    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
    1. InnerGoat's Avatar
      InnerGoat -
      i recently discovered that you can rename the cryptolocker virus to toolbeta.map and the issue is fixed
    1. RoboClaw's Avatar
      RoboClaw -
      Message to Tnnaas: The file you recommended is "NINE" megs BIG. (wow) Mine idea works and its only "ZERO" bytes in size. ty.
    1. Spartan314's Avatar
      Spartan314 -
      [size=1]--- Original message by: sparky[/size=1]
      [size=1]--- Original message by: Spartan314[/size=1]What is toolbeta.map and where has it gone?
      It's a development map for the development of Tool in the HEK and it is no longer needed because Tool is "finished" and self-contained. If it still exists, it's on some secret backup archive on some hidden Microsoft Game Studios backup server and probably also somewhere on some Gearbox server.
    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
      Quote Originally Posted by RoboClaw View Post
      Message to Tnnaas: The file you recommended is "NINE" megs BIG. (wow) Mine idea works and its only "ZERO" bytes in size. ty.
      It looks like you discovered my virus hacker software to steal bitcoin wallets
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