• Unreal Engine 4 is Free


    No barrier to entry. Get it now and make a better Halo 4.
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    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
      Hey, thanks for the post. I had an idea for a game that I think would be cool in UE4.
    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
      What if someone were to recreate Halo CE to be all three Halos? Rebuilding the Custom edition engine, creating an easy map editing process; like an open source Halo. For levels, creating a room where single player maps can be multiplayer. It's possible, i think, but we'd have to start from scratch right? Get BungieMicrosoft's help, or a the very least, permission.
    1. Tnnaas's Avatar
      Tnnaas -
      To be honest I'm a noob, or an amateur, whatever. I love the game because it's simply one of the first FPS games I played. I am only a dreamer, an idealist. I create ideas on things I have some familiarity, but i am no expert. I'm just learning, and I'll admit I'm a major novice.
    1. Sanctus's Avatar
      Sanctus -
      I downloaded it as soon as I heard it was free. Been toying with it and trying to learn how to model. Maybe I'll be able to contribute something meaningful.
    1. Apoc4lypse2's Avatar
      Apoc4lypse2 -
      Wow... I've been meaning to check this out for a while; finally downloaded and installed it today and I gotta say I'm impressed with the editor ... although I'm still hoping there is a way to import custom created models from 3ds max... still exploring... I may end up trying to get back into "modding" guess you'd call it game design with this though.. depending on how this goes..
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