• Happy 10th Birthday

    10 years ago today we launched this site as H2Vista.net. Yes, it's been that long. We are old. To really put that in perspective, if this site was a child, it would be be starting 5th grade in September.

    Yet despite that horrendous failure of Halo 2 on Windows Vista game, the Halo modding community is still strong, with a 15 year old game engine. That's really damn impressive.

    Thank you everyone for the great memories, and for being part of the Halo community.

    PS: While we may not have another halo game to mod like Halo CE, remember that Halo 5 Forge is coming to PC on September 8!
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      Now that we can play Halo 2 again, when are you going to rename Modacity.net to H2Vista.net?
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