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    So, AIM was the primary method of contact back in the early Halo days. But recently AOL shut it down, and I no longer have any way of reaching many people I talk to a few times a year.

    I created this thread for us to share our contact information in case anyone needs to reach another member now or in the future. I prefer Discord since it is the chat platform of choice these days, but everyone can post their own preferred methods of contact. Also, Modacity may not be around forever (the forum is obviously broken), so I think it's important that we can preserve these connections while we still can.

    My discord name is: jcap#5282

    You can also add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197979752816/

    You can also join irc.gamesurge.net #modacity if you want to drop us a note there.
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    1. Scooby Doo's Avatar
      Scooby Doo -
      Discord: BMcFrizzle#1936
      Skype: bmacrocks
      Steam: B McFrizzle
    1. Lightning's Avatar
      Lightning -
      Discord: Lightning#8257
      Steam: LightningSWHQ

      Also it may be worth asking, do we have a modacity discord? Putting it above the pagebreak may be useful.
    1. Siliconmaster's Avatar
      Siliconmaster -
      Discord: Br0nto
      Steam: Siliconmaster482
    1. rossmum's Avatar
      rossmum -
      discord: rossmum#9419
      steam: rossmum
    1. soloblast's Avatar
      soloblast -
      Discord: soloblast#8276

      Steam: soloblast

      Was never really a particularly active user, but this site was a special place at some point in my life. For what it's worth, there you go.
    1. Cloud's Avatar
      Cloud -
      Everyone knows where to find me. Over at SmG.
      Here ill post an invite link.
    1. neuro's Avatar
      neuro -

      discord for modacity faggots lets get the gang back together cunts

      ive added everyone that posted in this thread to my friends, i expect you to respond, or join this link.
    1. Nero's Avatar
      Nero -
      It's a trap, don't do it!