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  1. Also, my shipping address.

    Llama Juice
    125 East Edgewater St
    Portage WI, 53901

    Use that for the shipping information, I don't get mail at my house, so it goes to my dad's business... and if it has Llama Juice on it they instantly know it's for me haha.
  2. Haha then lets give it a go :P Or if you'd rather me toss like $20 at your paypal and we can just do it that way :P... see if my paypal is working haha

    i think we can do it. i'll just have to muddle through it i think hahaha.
  4. Aww, you were my 100th visitor message, and you said you'd give me an intelivision. You're so sweet. :3

    Can you send it and have it so I have to pay the shipping when it gets here? I know if you don't put postage on an envelope that's what happens haha.

    What's your paypal?... I'll see if mine still works haha.

    (My bank got bought out, random shit happened, I moved 1500 miles away from the local bank, haven't gotten situated up here yet with a different bank)
  5. no games. fuck it, i'll ship it, and you can have it for the shipping cost (yes i have paypal) should be about 10-15 to ship, which is about how much it's worth hahaha. i just moved, and I was just gonna leave it at the old house, but it's better if someone takes it.
  6. I don't wanna derail that thread, it's a super srs thread, so I take it here.

    Do you have any games for the intellivision?

    How would you suggest I send you money? haha Do you have a PayPal?
  7. respect. that is hilarious. absolutely hilarious.
  8. way to go fuck yourself. you probably don't even play ta.
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