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  1. Is that an invite to come rape you in Australia?
  2. Any idea wtf happened to n00b?
  3. I said not 2 posts above to leave out the stereotypical racism crap in transformers.
    because we already had a thread on it, and it was bad.

    comment deleted
    listen next time.
  4. Bod the Mod.
  5. Wheres the love Bod? My third bars gone now :'(
  6. Thats true. Only problem would be that the 7th string must get in the way sometimes when your just playing on the higher strings.
  7. Yeah Drop A

    but it's also in normal E as well. it's the benefit of a 7 string.
  8. I like the blue finish on it. Your in like Drop A in that vid aren't you? Seems pretty gritty.
  9. an RG Presteige
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