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  1. I was trying to stop it from becoming a flame war.
  2. Last time I checked that thread had not turned into a flame war, but if it turns out that he did rip the tags without permission, then I hope there is one. People simply asked where he got the tags because they are suspicious, and I don't blame them.
  3. its not a problem when a certain person says" oh you ripped my tags, credit me". Its a problem when it turns a thread into a giant flame war about ripping
  4. It's not "ruining the thread" when he is using tags without permission or giving credit. That is frowned upon in this community, and telling people to just ignore that fact bothers me. That is why I -repped you, and I stand by my decision.
  5. or they can just take it to pm's or IM instead of ruining the thread. I also do not think the -rep for me for that was required.
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