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  1. Well, my FPS will vary. Walking around it can be 25-35, but once I get into a fight, and depending on how big of one, it gets to be around 15-20, but due to me being used to it it's fine.

    Then again that's High on most settings, 800x600, with only specular and something else off, so it's likely you have a worse computer.
  2. holy shit. i'll give you points for onboard graphics. i can run halo at 20fps average.

    but in terms of years, everything except my video card is older than yours.
  3. I don't have much of an idea what any of that is, but my computer is from 2003 and it's an onboard graphics card is all I know, that runs Halo at a blazing 10-15 FPS on average.
  4. amd athlon xp 2600 running at less than 2.1ghz
    1gb ram ddr
    radeon x1650 256mb agp
    nforce 2 a7n8x
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