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  1. I acutely did open the xbox using the poor mans way if you dont have a torx 8 or 10, but man it was a bitch
  2. Heh, what's your aim? I added you on xfire.
  3. I know you want reach.
    Add me on aim or msn
  4. I need my xbox 360 to play burned "backup" games, like what's an easy/cheap way to do so?
  5. Dawg can you tell me how you got dat halo reach download, really fff
  6. nope if its been on live recently
    atleast not yet
  7. Pyong, just wondering since I thought about my xbox 360 and your thread, my xbox was made 6/28/08, is it jtagable?
  8. We should play some Reach.
  9. Mines a CM.042 from what the name says.
  10. It works with Echo 1, JG, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, and G&G, not sure about cyma, if it it works with a 028 cyma gun, it should work with yours, yes? If so I believe it should work fine.
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