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  1. dont get so butthurt

    I like you, and so I like picking on you.
  2. I dunno what that means :[

    But please, just stop. You're obnoxious and it isn't funny.
  3. lol

  4. Hey, stop being a total douche and fucking up my posts whenever I mention one of the Zteam members.

    I respect the work they do, quit being a fuck about it. Also, nice retaliation rep.
  5. of course not

    I just meant that he is damn talented himself
  6. Just make sure you don't leave the other two members out of the credit.
  7. Haha, yeah.
    He is damn good though.
  8. That's a cool policy, might have to steal it from you.

    Yeah, I used to be a youtube whore, especially CAD's stuff.
  9. I too am sorry. I only disrespect for disrespect given.

    Cept when I go cock on you for youtube stuff.
    Just clowning when I do that.
  10. Sorry to have snapped at you.
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