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  1. Yeah I realized that, told them about my personal life because of the flaming for no reason. I thought people here wouldn't be such miserable haters. They got problems, just as bad as my addiction except different.
  2. That's the thing. Just avoid talking about your personal life on the forums. It just doesn't go over well no matter who you are.
  3. I haven't been talking bout drugs at all on the forums, cept in the one 420 topic, and a reply to selentic when he said "wtf malolo how stoned are you?!?!?." Then I posted some pictures of myself in that one thread, and people flamed me for no reason, so I wrote the story about my life, and that was the only time I've talked about drugs on the forums. I used to when I was 14 because I was a proud stoner but I was young and stupid then, I don't flaunt my drugs around anymore, cept for those 3 occasions. Which all have decent reasons.
    But yeah thank you inferno.
  4. Dude I know your going through shit all the time but cool it with the drugs. Just don't talk about them and people won't stereo type you as a average junkie. It would help you fit in better for sure.
  5. High, I am Inferno.
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