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  1. uguu
  2. holy sheet, his glasses come off
  3. deal with it
  4. the hippos make me sad
  5. zomg you changed your avatar
  6. Oh, when I saw you hop on the other day, I thought you were back to normal. No worries then, I'll find another modite or w/e to do it with...or just flat out not do it by playing another game . It just wasn't the same shit, different week, challenge which is what made it spark my interest heh

    And yeah, these boxes are poop.
  7. Still don't have interwebz yet.
    I'm staying at a friends house atm. I'm only going to be here for a couple more days and my subscription ends on the 27th. The sooner you we cam do it the better because I wanna play the Gears of War 3 beta as much as possible.

    e: good god the visitor message boxes are ugly
  8. Shit, I'm thankful none of my poops in the more recent months have clogged my toilet. That shit is not fun. Literally. Heh.

    We should do the Weekly challenge together sometime this week.

    Unless your connection can't handle it

  9. D: =
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