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  1. are detail object sp only? the ones I placed in my map arent showing ingame
  2. sexbox...
  3. well shit son, you dont do either. also any good halo 2 bsp converters... want to check out a level
  4. nub, make up your mind, obj thingy or xbl, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  5. Have you finished the obj thingy yet
  6. buy it back
  7. I don't have reach anymore, I sold it so I could buy some more Redmond Sunsets and get weird looks from butthead waiters
  8. what 2 player game do you play and I have ... reach?
  9. actually, that was an updated one, so technically it wasn't the *exact* same one I showed you, nanner nanner

    Reach? REACH? Who plays Reach anymore? Where were you 5 months ago? O rite, being nub
  10. lets play some reach or some thing. i can show you danger danger canyon
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