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  1. wtf?!
  2. You don't have to go to the McDonald's drive through,
    you can have my McDick up inside you.
    We don't need to leave the crib if you want somethin' to eat,
    I got a deep dick pizza and a 5 for 5 roast beef.
    Bitch, I met you on MySpace.
    You asked if I had a log for your fireplace.
    Got you on the floor and unbuttoned you blouse,
    you got mad when I kicked you up outta my house.
    Don't talk to me bitch, you know my M.O.
    Says on my profile, I don't date a ho,
    I wanna love you in your butt till you pass the fuck out,
    then I lean over, take a dump in your mouth.
    You're gonna have to clean my floor
    if you spit that shit out, whore.
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