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  1. That site is actually Canadian Forces/Law Enforcement only. I just know people.
  2. I'm going to guess that I can only order it if I lived in Canada. Bleh I like those gloves a lot and they ARE pretty cheap compared to retail like you said before. Urgh
  3. Those are real, got them from for fairly cheap compared to retail. I had some replica ones that fell apart pretty quick and they were ordered from ehobbyasia a year or two ago.
  4. Yo freelancer

    Those gloves, where did you get those? I checked ehobbyasia for them because I think you told me to get those there but they don't have them anymore. Know anywhere else I can get those?
  5. Freelancer is a mod, oh shiiii

  6. Nah I'm good, they're not my style and I'm saving up for a USP right now.
  7. Yo freelancer, since I posted it on the airsoft thread, are you interested in an airsoft ak47 or mp40 by chance before I put it up on ebay or craigslist?
  8. Dammit I wanted to +rep you for those pictures in the funny random thread. ffff, use one of those pictures as your avatar btw lol

  9. now if anybody is willing to rig it cant rig worth shit on fp arms especially cod fp model arms, only person I know is moses but havnt seen him in awhile, know anybody super good?
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