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  1. Oh lawl. Also I think its your xbox model is different then mine like by years or the model type. I just have a plain white xbox back from 2008 (had to get it replaced twice since 05, ffff) and I still have a 20 GB drive from blows so much. Also the xbox 360 came out on my b-day, Nov 22 2005.

    Now that I think about it, maybe one of my really old disc's may have those things in the silver part of my disc.
  2. It mutated the silver area of the disc and made it.. hilly. I have no clue how it happened haha
  3. HOW would your xbox 360 melt your disk? It doesnt seem possible since I played my xbox 360 straight with the same disc from breakfast to dinner without giving it a break. It seems you broke laws of physics .
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