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  1. kid, you're just jealous of dese skittles

  2. What sick man sends polar bears to fight me
  3. wher u ben?

    You make TheGhost look easy to get a hold of nowadays.
  4. T3H M00KZ RIPPS
  5. Heh

    Googley eyes
  6. Bad kid gets bad virus. Who saw that one coming?

  7. Oh hey, said day arrives.

    Let's try doing that Untouchable From The Grave again tomorrow night, I'm PISSED that I lost that film.
  8. I'm waiting for the day I visit your profile for some other reason than to tell you to get on AIM/XFire/Steam/etc.
  9. Have you tried the actual AIM client instead of Pidgin?

    Oddly enough I've been getting strange disconnects from AIM, being told the service is down when it isn't... what is going on with AIM lately?
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