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FRain getting a new build, what the crap?

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What? FRain is getting a new computer? Since when? Since Today. Now, I need your guys' help. I'm going to have to tough it out with integrated video and only half a gig of ram. However, I will have some mowing lawns money to get some other parts in a few weeks. Should I get some more ram or a dedicated video card?
Time to say goodbye to my old shitbox
(btw its not going to be here for another two weeks.)
Oh, btw PYONG if you're reading this, you have to send me your video card that inferno was telling me about k?

Old Shitbox:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+
ATI Radeon X1650 256mb
NForce 2 Asus A7n8x.


Intel Celeron Dual Core E1400 at 2.0ghz
512mb DDR2 SDRAM
Intel GMA 950
Intel D945gcl

Total payment?

derp derp derp

ps: dont post that ascendtech is a shitty website, unless there's a better deal for the same specs, listed this as their lowest

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  1. legionaire45's Avatar
    Spend at least $400.
  2. annihilation's Avatar
    Do you plan on using it for gaming?
    I'd go with RAM. Either way you'll have a tough time doing anything on it.
  3. InnerGoat's Avatar
    Your computer costs less than my mouse :/

    Get more ram in that thing ASAP
  4. Syuusuke's Avatar
    No Celeron, no no no no no no.
  5. FRain's Avatar
    Haha, yeah. Don't worry, at least I will be able to easily upgrade it compared to my shitbox right now having to replace everything.

    And, legionaire, i don't have $400, and to take it from our family budget would basically kick our ass out of our house onto the street. I'm glad my mom put $80 aside for me so I can just replace internals.

    And yes, my first order of business is to get 2gb of ddr2. The integrated video i can deal with, but the RAM will be a problem.

    However, I am currently runinng with 512mb of ddr1lolololol
  6. Amit's Avatar
    What's wrong with using that X1650 for the new computer? Probably still kicks some ass. I got an old X1600 PRO running MW2 at 1680x1050 on mostly high settings. Of course there are some period where it stutters, but that's why I replaced it with a HD 5750 Vapor-X.

    Seriously man, are you actually so broke that you can't string together $200 for the lowest of the low end? It's almost like you're taking a step backwards by buying that PC. At least you're mowing lawns for money and will have a somewhat expandable motherboard. RAM, like IG said is the most important at this point. A 2GB DDR2 stick is only around $35 CAD.
  7. Dwood's Avatar
    How will you buy an OS with that money???