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First day...New Home.

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First a History of a old home... copy and pasted from its ashes.

Halo modding was started by Grenadiac and a few others, with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox. Modding started off small, with very few members. As the ideas grew, and more people became involved, the small community expanded to, one of the premier Halo modding sites. Run by Grenadiac and Iron_Forge, thrived for several years, growing with countless hours of community research and developments with Halo modding. With the release of Halo 3 on the Xbox 360, however, modding was nearly shut down entirely. Typical users are unable to produce and use modifications for Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 without a development kit, which is out of reach of the vast majority of members. This led to a steady decline in activity in Halo modding, and the eventual decline of as a whole. In early 2009, SourceGuy took over the site from Grenadiac, who no longer had the funds to support it. SourceGuy gave the site and forums a facelift in hopes of attracting new members, but it was to no avail. The decline continued, and he would eventually begin the process of changing the focus of the site away from Halo modding, and into a general game modding site. As people opposed this transition, they were removed from the community by way of force, which would only accelerate the death of the site, as the people who had been there for years, building it up, were now being purged en masse. [] was founded to provide an alternative site for the continuation of the community that is being shunned by the leadership of for having a dissenting opinion." such, after a year I felt it was finally time to move one. The post I made there was

Quote Originally Posted by INSANEdrive
This is a sit down and think post. This post is mostly for me. I actually am not a fan of these types of posts, because this is the internet, does any one really care? So... again...This post is mostly for me, since, I of-course do.

Today is July 18th. Wow. I have been "here" for 6 full years.

Its amazing to see all that has changed in as little as 6 years. This is why I always scoff at the the "Where do you want to be in 5 years", cuz... I mean... shit... you don't know. I guess I should thank the person who made that Warthog fly in a Halo PC server, the one who when I asked how he was doing that, told me "Halomods". I never even heard of a "mod". Didn't even know that you could. Its interesting how that one question... "How are you doing that" as changed every thing for me 6 years later.

And now after 6 years of the "same 'Home page'", and all the shit I have "endured' 'here", I think its finally time to move on. No this isn't one of those Bullshit goodbye posts to anonymous people you know, but don't ( Or is it >_>). I have no intention of this being a last post here.

My next posts will be in Modacity and "Gawker Sites". I tried NeoGAF, but I don't have a "Paid" email so I guess I wont be able to post there, which is a pitty since there is so much I could say there under the proper eyes.

So yea. That.
So here I am. More on history later.

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    Psssh, ftw :P That one came first.

    Whatever happened to good old Aztec?