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The History of INSANEdrive - "Pre-History"

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Since I no longer have a full known reputation that I had with those in the times of Halo mods... I think it best that those here would know the History of what I have done and how I got here so that I may better assist as I can in the future. I figure If I'm going to do this I'm going to do this in full. All you would want to know or not. I'm a Grizzled Ancient of the Halo-modding world. Not every one knows me...but as far as I can tell, I am known. Works for me. I go.

It all started When I got My first personal computer. Than a Flood occurred. Than Insurance paid up...

It all started When I got My first(b) personal computer. It was a SONY PCG-GRX700P (if that means anything). It was a cheap ( I hope ) laptop that I got to play on. It was not a powerhouse... it worked. It could open word docs and run Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. I recall seeing the game supported, something called a "mod". When I looked this up on the new thing called Google (or Yahoo), I found all kinds of things to make the lightsabers all wavy, to add avatar characters and so forth. I thought It would be cool to do that but I didn't know how. I tried looking it up but it all just seemed to be over my head. So I did the next best thing. I Learned this thing called no_clip.

That you could say was my first taste of going into a game and doing things you otherwise would not or could not do.

Fast forward 6 or so months and I'm playing a new game called MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries. Joined this thing called... a clan. It was my first, and in all intention at this point the last. At the time I had no e-name... I didn't have any care in one. I was known a Bill Barker. Why? Why this as an E-name? and do I really like Price Is Right that much?

This is why
Wolf’s Dragoons: Running With The Pack
Considered the definitive mercenary unit of the Inner Sphere, the Dragoon’s origin lie in Clan Space. Since their arrival in 3005 they have time and again proven themselves both deadly efficient and reliable. Commanders sponsored by Wolf’s Dragoons can expect to start with Clan level technology and have greater access to purchasing more.
Bark-er. WOO Hoo originality. But like I said... I really didn't care about my e-name. I just. . . wanted to play.

And I played with the best(?). The clan. They were...

BHA FO LIFE!!! (Or whateva)

That's where I will stop with the ...heh... "Pre-History". Son of a Beach... I have Pre-history >_>

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