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The History of INSANEdrive - "Welcome to Halomods"

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This is part 2. Part One is here

Than... in 2003 a game called Halo came out. I saw the adds in the gamer-zeins in the grocery store. One man vs All. " That game sounds too hard" I said. "I'm not going to play it".

The they seem to do... had other plans.

The full detail I won't go into on how the fates did just that, but to be brief... someone felt the game was too hard. They weren't really a "gamer" per say, as in they never used every quarter they ever had to play a game. So I gave it a shot. I had forgotten about the ad. All I knew was...

I played Co-Op. I (We) fought teaming Hoards of Aliens called the Covenant & survived this waves of foes , both hunted by them and I ... called the flood.

When It was announced, I had to get this game on PC.

I got to play it in multiplayer. Loved it. I loved "stunting"... seeing what you could do in Blood Gulch and what not in the ever particular physics of a Warthog. I pulled some pretty crazy shit... I was good at "stunting". People always said how crazy I was. So It stuck. CrazyDrive was born. This later became...INSANEdrive. Now don't dare take the name for just its's Infinity in its complexity of meaning is why I love it so. I am INSANE "Maxiumus" drive . ("Maxumus" came later...but details :P)

Than I (as stated in the very first blog post) joined a server (what's a matchmaking?) and I saw a warthog fly and I found Halomods. This was 2003. I looked around for a button to resister but couldn't find one. I was unaware that it had only existed for two months. So I read what I could on this Halo modding thing. and I learned about .PPFs and HHT and HMT.

And I got to play.

I got to play Iron Forge and Zexgx's "Banshee Wars" & Library Multiplayer Conversion by MonoxideC

And I marveled at what could be done.

As stated, I finally found the button to register July 18 2004. I was unaware that the forum had two places to register (which I always thought was odd) at one just a forum and I registered at the latter.

And so It began. . . Welcome to Halomods.

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