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The History of INSANEdrive - "My First Mod"

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This is Part 3. Part 2 is here

I had never posted in a forum before. So... I learned. And I posted My thoughts. I really wanted to mod... just didn't have the technical skill or the technical hardware to do what I wanted to do.

Now this next part if fuzzy but I think it occurred in this order. First the mod the changed it all for me. That made me say..this is what I want to do.

[skin]Halo PC: The Way it was Meant to be Played REVISED
by Halo 2 Rules!! ( A K A Jean-Luc )

But I had nothing to skin with. Then those fates...or what-have-you...did it again. While searching my computer for a mod from Halomods I inadvertently found a program called...Photoshop. Apparently Photoshop Elements 2 had shipped with my computer. It had not been on the other.

In Glee I opened it up. I played with its buttons and its knobs...OOooOO SO MANY SHINY NEW BUTTONS!!!:

In October of 2004 another post occurred, some one made a rendering of a sniper, And I asked My self... why can't I do that?

After much self teaching and toil (you have no idea)... I had my first skin. A Sniper Skin.

I posted my first skin worried that I didn't do enough.

A Moderator who would be later known ShoutRvB said...and I quote "We are going to have to keep an eye on you".
And that's my first attempt at skinning.

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  1. CabooseJr's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I remember downloading this back in the day.