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Lacktivity, here.

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I'm starting to consider cross-posting my blog entries from my personal site/deviantart/facebook just so there's at least some activity on the blogs... maybe it'll get others to post too. I just feel sorta like an attention whore doing it since it's so silent, so that's why I haven't, I guess.

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Tags: activity , blogs , modacity
Life , Mixed Bag


  1. Cagerrin's Avatar
    Problem is, they're rather out of the way, so it's easy to forget. Maybe if there was a way to embed them in a subforum or something, because the forums are all everyone seems to look at.
  2. Con's Avatar
    I agree. The only time I remember blogs exist is when I go to the home page.
  3. jcap's Avatar
    We could place a sidebar on the main forum index page that lists recent threads and blog entries maybe????

    (Pretty sure this actually exists in vB 4.0.4)
  4. InnerGoat's Avatar
    postin in ur blogs
  5. Siliconmaster's Avatar
    Hey look, a blog!
  6. Skarma's Avatar
    How many ratings does a blog have to get to be on the most popular or best blog list? It isn't working currently and it probably never will with the lack of tivity round herr.