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Forge CE: First Blog

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This is my first blog post and there will be many after this to come with my progress on Forge CE. I decided this is a more simple way of updating users of my work without having to sort through pages and pages upon pages of forum posts. Plus I am excited to keep a record of everything I have accomplished and it keeps me motivated to keep chugging along.

I am sick of not getting much done with this project over the amount of time I have had. I bet most users here have already given up hopes and they shouldn't. I just have had no motivation or I get distracted doing something else. I am a Halo engine reversing nut case and when I figure out something new in the engine, I buckle down on it for a few days or even weeks and lose track of what I was focusing on before. I need to set focus on one thing and one thing only right now -- Forge CE!!

As of right now, things are still in primitive stages. I am setting up the framework for the basic things necessary for Forge to function like the menu system. I am using the TextBlock class in OpenSauce as a basis for the menu. Through inheritance, I can extend this class to do a lot more and customize it to my needs without actually modifying or adding to the TextBlock. It's been crashing in the D3DXCreateFontA function and right now I am baffled as to why. I stepped through the code with a debugger and it seems like the device pointer is null, which makes no sense. The device is passed through the Initialize3D function which is used to create the new TextBlock class in the constructor. I even recoded the whole thing to match exactly how it was used in the Yelo menu and no go. I'll figure it out tonight, I have plenty of Mountain Dew to keep me happy haha! Beer sounds good right now, but I will get absolutely nothing accomplished.

Back to work.

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  1. p0lar_bear's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, and for using our blogs system!