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Forge CE: I Want Reach Info!

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I don't have an Xbox 360 or Halo Reach, so I am blogging to see if anyone can give me some information about how some things work. That is if anyone is actually following my blog, ha.

I can successfully grab and drop objects through the menu options, but there are some changes that need to be made. First of all, I am checking if my camera angle is closest to an object using a constant value, sort of like a FOV. I am going to change this constant to the bounding radius of the closest object, because some objects are larger than others and it will work better overall. The IDEAL situation would be to do ray tracing. Pretend a line is being projected from the center of my screen into the game world. I want be able to tell if that line is intersecting with any triangles / vertices in that object model. That would be really accurate and just sick.

In Forge World in Reach, I know they do some sort of ray / line tracing from what I could see in videos, because it was very accurate. But how about distance in world position? Can you be half way across Forge World and still grab an object that is thousands of game units away? How close to you have to be to an object to do anything with it? I need to add a distance check, because sometimes I accidentally grab an object that is far away and get confused.

I have seen the Object Tools and Object Options differences..but in all the videos I have watched, not one person opened just the Tools menu. What is in that? Like if you're not editing an object, what do the Tools do? If anyone could go through the menus and write down all this information, that would be great! I'm not TRYING to copy pasta Reach, but it's pretty awesome from what I seen and want to follow it as a guideline for now.

Thanks guys and leave me some COMMENTS!! <-- It's bold, italic, underline, and red so it catches your eye and maybe... just MAYBE you will feel the need to leave one below. PEACE

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updated October 15th, 2010 at 11:03 AM



  1. p0lar_bear's Avatar
    Info's in the mail.
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    Here's a comment.