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Look Out, Honey, 'Cause I'm Usin' Technology

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I don't think I've ever been this busy. And it feels good.

Been over a month at the new job and it's pretty cool so far. Mostly been working a lot with our webserver and learning how to write UNIX shell scripts to automate stuff, and trying to figure out how to make an archaic ecommerce setup be slightly less cumbersome until we get our new platform running. It's been a pain, but it's like a big series of puzzles, and I always feel very happy when I figure something out and get it working. Can't wait for the new platform so I can work with that fresh slate; the current setup is like a gigantic duct tape ball just barely holding something together, and it's damn hard for me to not attempt to fix things that're more trouble than they're worth.

Tutoring at the college, on the other hand, is starting off slow. It's friggin' hard to try and put things into perspective and actually make sure somebody gets something, as opposed to just telling them the answer. Programming is especially tough, since to me, learning a programming language is mostly copying code and adapting it to suit my needs, learning what it does in the process. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon.

Classes have been going great, my assignments are mostly getting done on time, and every test I take I barely study for and come out as one of the top grades. I should probably stop that, though, before I get too complacent and it bites me in the ass later. Class registration for the next semester starts in a few days, wonder what I should take...?

Downtime hasn't really existed in the past few weeks... very glad I put World of Warcraft away when I started the semester. I'd imagine I'd still be addicted to it and dropping the ball here, though I do miss the times spent and the people met; I still plan on picking it up again come December when the semester's over, even if only for a little while.

Unfortunately, money's not getting saved up too well, yet. Gotta start shopping more instead of eating out all the time... probably will once I figure out how to divvy up my time better. Nearly out of the debts I stacked up a few years ago, can't wait to get myself better things and start saving up for a good 4-year college.

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  1. Kornman00's Avatar
    Ain't got time to make no apology
  2. jcap's Avatar
    Ugh, you have to learn to make your own food.

    One large roaster at your supermarket for $5 can make at least any two of the following:
    • Eat as is...
    • Chicken, penne (or your choice of pasta for $0.75/box), and red peppers (a few $ for a jar that lasts several meals)
    • Chicken stock (boil down the bones and crap for 5 hours). Add noodles for noodle soup or add cream of chicken to it for an actual meal.
    • Chiken, penne, and broccoli (make a nice sauce from broth you made)
    • Chicken salad (either the kind that is mush or chicken strips on top of a salad if you want to eat light)
    • Fried chicken? Bread it and put in oil, I guess? Haven't done it, but I guess you could...
  3. Kornman00's Avatar
    chicken chicken chicken

    not everyone is black like you jcap :stereotypin':
  4. CN3089's Avatar
    learn to cook you goon
  5. p0lar_bear's Avatar
    Perfectly capable of making my own food, thanks. Just a mixture of laziness and time constraints.
  6. InnerGoat's Avatar