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Paused Development

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So I started this new job a month ago and I have been working 48+ hours a week, fortunately and unfortunately. I am making lots of money towards the purchase of a new car because my other one broke and I had to sell it for scrap. The downside to this is I have no time for my hobbies that I enjoy. I do manual labor and each night I get home I am tired and sore so I just eat and go to bed and wake up doing the same routine. It really sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do right now. All my programming projects including Forge I am putting on hold for a while. At least until the season is over and I have enough time to sit down and do some meaty coding. In the meanwhile I went to the library and picked up a few good books about programming and math to read in my down time when I'm not working to stretch my brain and to get more knowledgeable in the subjects I love.

Before I started this job, I started researching project management and organization and came to realize that my development process of Forge and other projects are completely scrambled and follow no organization or planning whatsoever. I feel like this is what is taking me so long to develop shit and is slowing me down to a grind. I really think planning my Forge project out by setting goals and dates and organizing a list of things that need done will keep me in focus to what's going on. I work on random things here and there but in my mind there is no end to anything. So I think instead of working on coding I will rewind the tape and work on the planning process until I have something I can follow through with and improve on throughout the entire project development.

If anyone has experience in project planning, hit me up! I am open to any and all advice.

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  1. Higuy's Avatar
    Pro tip: Plan everything out. When you know your good to go, make an objective list for things you want to accomplish in a set time period.
  2. Con's Avatar
    Putting dependent goals into groups and working on one group at a time is a good way to work especially when you can only dedicate bits and pieces of your time. I used to work on projects randomly like you said, and after a long break I would come back to a lot of unfinished functionality and forgotten plans. Make sure you finish enough at a time so later you can pick things up again easily.
  3. Dwood's Avatar
    I gave you objectives to work on man. :P