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... But He's Faster Than Me

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Gah. I got beat; someone else has already done a full band chart of Walkie Talkie Man on Rock Band.

So much for that. I'd move onto another song but at the moment I've got something else to focus on. Lightning decided to dig up a Floodlab again, which has been 4 years in the making just due to a mix of "wouldn't it be cool if...?" and laziness (the latter mostly on my part), and he'd like to get that out the door before the school year starts.

That and Pooky proposed a bit of a challenge to me, and I'm running with it. See, I recently got my hands on an HTC Wildfire through T-Mobile. It's a considerable step-up from the HTC Droid Eris I had before, as in it can actually run Angry Birds and my SNES Emulator. I started playing Megaman X and noticed that the virtual controller on the touch screen cripples you entirely; I can't run/dash/jump while holding a charge shot, wall jumping is a pain in the ass, and dash-jumping off of a wall is damn near impossible. Translation: I'm basically playing Megaman X like Megaman 1 and 2. So he joked that Chill Penguin would probably demolish me, and I decided to take him up on that. I managed to beat him on a second attempt, so I'm going to see if I can beat at least the other robot masters without the extra mobility the game was designed around. I highly doubt I can finish the game, though...

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